Frequently Asked Questions

What is this KUBB thing anyway?
KUBB is a lawn game that originates from Scandinavia that involves knocking down your opponents pieces by throwing wooden batons.  For full details, see our How to Play page

How exactly do you pronounce that word KUBB?
Ideally it does not matter how you pronounce it as long as you play it.  Most people in North America pronounce it as KOOB (rhymes with Tube).  There are others that also pronounce it as “CUB”.

Where can I play this game?
Keep an eye on the Kubb Canada faceboook page for notifications of where we are playing.  Alternatively, you can order your own Kubb set and play at your leisure!  It is great for taking to a park, the cottage, the beach, anywhere you want to play it!

Tournament Specific Questions

Do I have to have a team to register for the tournament?
You do not.  If you register as a single player, you will be paired up with another single registrant and form a team that way.  It is always nice to play with someone you know, but equally good to meet new people!

Do I have to be invited to play?
Absolutely not!  Anyone is eligible to play in the Canadian National Kubb Championships.

Do I need to know how to play?
It’s a good idea to have a grasp on the game, but no experience is required.  Kubb is a friendly enough game that people will help you along.  We generally have open play days where you can come learn how to play as well.

How much does it cost to enter the tournament?
The current fees to enter the Canadian Nationals is $25 per person ($50 per team).

What do I need in order to play?
You will just need to pre-register and bring  yourself to the tournament location.  All Kubb sets are provided.

What can I win?
1st place will receive a custom made trophy made from Kubb King pieces as well as their names on the Canadian National Kubb Cup.
2nd place will receive a custom made trophy made from Kubb pieces.
3rd place will receive a custom made trophy made from Kubb batons.